DNA test could shed light on the disappearance of baby Sabrina Aisenberg 20 years ago

Posted at 5:06 PM, Mar 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-16 18:50:13-04

Friday night on 20/20 Marlene and Steve Aisenberg opened up to Deborah Roberts, 20 years after their baby daughter Sabrina disappeared from their Valrico home.

ABC Action news spoke to Roberts about her story spotlighting the DNA testing now underway on two women, which could determine if one of them is the grown up baby Aisenberg.

"They are holding onto hope because of new technology that they may finally be vindicated, that there daughter is alive and well," says Roberts, who interviewed the Aisenbergs inside their Maryland home where they now live.

It's a mystery that began on an early November morning in 1997. When Marlene went to check on her baby, she discovered Sabrina was gone.

Investigators quickly turned their attention to the Aisenbergs and eventually charged them with lying to the FBI.

The government built its case on wire taps, but the audio recordings were so hard to understand the judge threw them out, and prosecutors dropped the charges
"They remain steadfast in the argument that they knew nothing about what happened to their daughter and they were sad victims, but there are people who still wonder," says Roberts.

20 years after baby Sabrina disappeared, the home where the Aisenbergs lived has undergone some changes on the outside, but the mystery about what happened on the inside still remains. The Aisenbergs have long moved on to Maryland where they currently live and they leave a room open for Sabrina.

"Sabrina has a room in our home. We changed the room a few years ago from all the beanie babies and toys because she's 20 years old now," says Marlene Aisenberg during the interview with Roberts.

20/20 also explored the new age progression technology that has allowed investigators to see what Sabrina Aisenberg would look like today at 20 years old.