Brothers charged for killing Tampa woman

Posted at 6:34 PM, Feb 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-01 18:34:03-05

Hillsborough County Deputies have arrested a second man in the murder of 26-year-old Evelyn Woodham. Her body was found in a ditch along 20th Avenue South in Tampa on November 1st.

Deputies say 22-year-old James Scott shot her inside of a trailer about a mile and a half away on Warrington Way. Deputies say his brother, 28-year-old Lewis Scott burned the trailer down in an attempt to cover up the crime the very next day.

According to an arrest warrant, a witness called deputies about a body being dragged the night of the crime, but no evidence was found at the time.

The warrant says several papers were found underneath Woodham's body. They were able to pull a fingerprint from one of the items. That fingerprint matched a woman who lived directly behind the scene of the murder. It was also learned that woman's trash can was missing. Surveillance video from the neighborhood showed a man resembling James Scott pushing the trash can from the driveway, across the street and out of the frame of the camera. Moments later, three men are seen loading the trash can into the trunk of a car and driving away.

The warrant says trace amounts of blood were found in several places along three properties. DNA testing matched Woodham. 

The warrant also says detectives eventually questioned several witnesses. One of them was inside of the trailer the night of the murder. That witness told detectives that James Scott was frustrated with the victim as he was telling her to "stop sleeping." There was an argument back and forth, then James Scott shot Woodham one time. That witness then saw Scott go back into the trailer and say something along the lines of "I bet you didn't think I would do it."