T-Detect COVID-19 test could help 'long haulers'

FDA gave emergency use authorization to the new test
Posted at 1:24 PM, Mar 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-15 17:39:02-04

A new type of COVID-19 test is going to be huge for those considered long haulers who never knew for sure if they had the coronavirus, according to doctors.

The FDA gave an emergency use authorization to a new test called T-Detect, which was developed by Adaptive Biotechnologies.

It has a sensitivity rate of 97% and checks the T cells (white blood cells) in your blood to show if you’ve ever had COVID-19.

Doctors say it's better than an antibody test because if you test too early after you had the virus your body may not have built up antibodies yet, and if you test too long after you have the virus your antibodies may have disappeared. But your T cells are like memory cells that won't fade away from your system for a very long time.

The test will cost about $150 out of pocket.

After ordering the test online, you just have a local lab tech or mobile phlebotomist draw your blood for you.

Doctors say it's important for long-haulers to know if they've had COVID-19 because it could impact their treatment plan moving forward.

For more details about T-Detect, click here.