OneBlood to collect plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients for possible treatment option

Posted at 8:04 PM, Apr 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-03 23:30:27-04

FLORIDA — OneBlood will be collecting plasma from individuals who have recovered from COVID-19 to help a critically ill person with the virus.

The donation will be used to help a critically ill person with coronavirus.

The COVID-19 convalescent plasma is an experimental treatment that has been approved by the FDA to be used on an emergency basis to help people with life-threatening coronavirus infections.

OneBlood just announced that it would begin collecting plasma from people who recovered from the coronavirus and who meet the FDA requirements to be a donor.

People who have recovered from the coronavirus have developed antibodies to the virus that remain in the plasma portion of their blood. OneBlood said transfusing the plasma with antibodies into a person who is still fighting the virus can provide a boost in the patient's immune system.

OneBlood has been working in order to implement the new FDA protocols to begun collecting COVID-19 convalescent plasma.

Here are the requirements to be a donor:

  • COVID-19 convalescent plasma must only be collected from a recovered individual(s) if they are able to donate blood
  • Required testing must be performed and the donation must be found suitable
  • Prior diagnosis of COVID-19 documented by a lab
  • Complete resolution of the symptoms at least 14 days prior to the donation
  • Have a negative result for COVID-19
  • Meet all standard FDA blood donation requirements.

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