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Pasco teachers getting classrooms ready for students to return

Posted at 9:34 PM, Aug 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-17 23:16:53-04

WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla. -- At Wesley Chapel High School, teachers are spacing out desks and going over all the new procedures they hope will work to keep everyone safe.

“Our nerves are all high. Our anxieties are all high. But knowing that we are all into this together and that we are all facing the same challenges makes it a little bit easier," said teacher Susan Cullum.

Principal Matt McDermott took us through the school showing all the signs to encourage social distancing and healthy habits in the hallways and cafeteria.

He says limiting class size is one of his biggest challenges.

“We do have some classes that are a little bigger than we want them so we will be looking at those the rest of the week and trying to balance some things out,” said McDermott.

Teachers are also making their own modifications.

We found one who brought in her own Plexiglas shield.

She’s also trying out a speaker system so she can be heard while wearing a mask.

“Just like society, we have some that are fired up and ready to come back and ready to have kids in their room. Then we have others that are leery," said McDermott.

Pasco’s teacher's union filed a lawsuit to force schools to start online until COVID-19 numbers improve.

As of now, 62% of Pasco County students are planning to return to classrooms.

And many of their teachers will be there too.

“This is where I belong. This is what I love to do so being able to come back today is a huge stress reliever in my life," said teacher Fay Geiger.