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13 new fair foods to look forward to at the 2019 Florida State Fair

Posted: 8:30 PM, Jan 28, 2019
Updated: 2019-02-11 13:02:39-05
fair foods collage.jpg

Think you know fair food? Think again.

The Florida State Fair rolls into town on Feb. 7-18 and released a list of new foods guaranteed to make you want to skip a few meals afterwards.

The Fair is taking it past funnel cakes, elephant ears and corn dogs.

On this year's menu you can find foods like BBQ Pork on Pork Rinds, Deep Fried Cookie Dough and Cuban Pizza.

While descriptions weren't available on the website, pictures were provided to go with each food item.

Here are the new food items coming to the 2019 Florida State Fair and the vendors you can get them from:

Giant Mozzarella - Angela's Pizza


Buffaloaded Mac and Cheese Quesadilla - Bryan's Concessions


Black Cherry Burger - Carousel Foods

Black Cherry Burger.png

BBQ Pork on Pork Rinds - Carousel Foods


Birds Nest - Lock & Dam Eatery

Birds Nest.png

Italian Nachos - Lock & Dam Eatery


Red Beans & Rice Funnel Cake - The Best Around


Classic Chocolate Chip - The Happy Dough


Deep Fried Cookie Dough - The Happy Dough


Carmelized Onion and Pulled Pork BBQ Grilled Cheese - The Giddy Piggy


Taco Grilled Cheese - The Giddy Piggy


Cuban Pizza - The Pizza Emporium


Potato Bowls - Ma's Irish Kitchen


Want more crazy fair creations? Check out last year's additions to the menu.