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Walking Club: Exploring the walking trails at Busch Gardens

Walking Club: Exploring the walking trails at Busch Gardens
Posted at 5:24 AM, Jul 15, 2021

Many of us are looking for ways to remain active while also staying a safe distance away from others. That's why Sarah Phinney started a ‘Walking Club’ to highlight some hidden, and some not so hidden, trails and parks across Tampa Bay.

There’s another way to get your heart pumping at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, aside from riding Cheetah Hunt or Tigris!

You can follow walking trails around the park. You’re guaranteed to be entertained along the way!

Where are the trails?

There are two trails that wind through the park. Both begin and end near Zagora Cafe. It’s a good idea to take a picture of the map before you head out. There are small markers along the way so you can keep an eye on your progress.

Walking Trail #1 is 1.2 miles and takes about a half hour.

Walking Trail #2 follows a similar route, but is a little bit longer at just under two miles.

“That second trail is also going to include our Tiger Trail, so you’re going to be able to see our tigers and our orangutan’s on that longer trail so I highly recommend making the full loop!” said Becca Romzek, Communications Manager for Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

Both trails take you past the recently reopened Animal Care Center. It’s a great place to enjoy some air conditioning and witness animals being cared for first-hand.

“You can come in and you’re going to see our world-class animal care at work,” said Romzek. “Not only on our resident animals, doing routine checkups, but also on rescue animals that we help rehabilitate every single day.”

Busch Gardens and Tampa General Hospital worked together on the trails.

Kim Christine, Administrator of Community and Corporate Wellness at Tampa General Hospital, says it fits with TGH’s commitment to improving people’s health.

“It’s so important for people to move their bodies, to get outside, to be social and the trails here at Busch Gardens provide that exact opportunity for our community members,” said Christine.

When should I visit?

You can check the Busch Gardens hours here.

Romzek suggests buying an annual pass. The lowest tier costs $12 per month.

“The best value for walkers in the Tampa Bay community is to get that annual pass because it’s a low monthly payment and you’re going to really enjoy coming back again and again.”

Click here to find more information about annual passes.

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