Twisters, spring snow, extreme heat shock the U.S.

Posted at 10:26 AM, May 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-19 10:33:28-04

The National Weather Service confirmed a series of tornadoes in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Wisconsin on Tuesday.

Wednesday and Thursday saw second and third unwanted helpings of severe storms. There was also lightning and downed power lines and power outages.

Meanwhile Colorado even saw spring snow on Thursday. And earlier in the week, May snow hit the sierras.
An 85-year-old man in lake Geneva, Wisconsin had a very close call when a large tree fell on his house.

A tornado killed one person and injured more than two dozen others as it ripped through a mobile home park in northwestern Wisconsin.

Residents got a full day of access to their property for the first time Thursday.

"It's a nightmare. We're very lucky we didn't lose more lives. That's the big thing. A lot of people are hurt. A lot of people got in the hospitals, Elvira Gagner, a mobile home park developer said."

There was another weather-related death Tuesday in Oklahoma, followed by yet another on Wednesday in Iowa.

On a local level, Tampa hit record high temperatures multiple times this week, and parts of the Bay area even saw temps in the triple digits.

Some of this weather is uncharacteristic for this time of year, and our Action News team of meteorologists is working to bring you all the latest developments with local weather as well as extremes across the country.