Animal control in Palm Beach Co., Fla. finding dogs left chained to trees and parked cars

They say they've gotten dozens of calls
Posted at 4:09 PM, Sep 08, 2017

FLORIDA — Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control says they've gotten dozens of calls, reporting dogs left chained to trees and parked cars.

The calls are from neighbors who say they saw the dogs' owners evacuate and leave them there.

Under any circumstance, it is illegal in Palm Beach County to leave a dog tethered or chained up if you're not present.

But Animal Care and Control says under conditions like this, with a potentially deadly hurricane on the way, it's felony animal cruelty.

Animal Care says they are working with the State Attorney's Office to prosecute anyone who does so.

Employees are currently going and picking up the animals, bringing them back to the shelter.

But with more than 100 animals there already, they need your help emptying the shelter.

42 dogs were surrendered by their owners so far at the shelter, after people said they could not take them as they evacuated.

Anyone in Palm Beach County can foster an animal right now without being pre-approved, and anyone can adopt. Adoption fees are currently being waived.

Animal Care and Control is also asking any rescue organizations or private shelters in the area to help.

The PB shelter needs to make room to help animals displaced after the hurricane.