What to do if you see a downed power line

Posted at 4:38 AM, Sep 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-13 05:39:17-04

Countless power lines were knocked down by the strong winds that Hurricane Irma brought to the Tampa Bay Area. Remember, downed power lines are dangerous. Never touch them, and follow these guidelines: 

  • Assume all wires are power lines and assume they are energized.
  • Always assume that a downed power line is energized, and move away to safety.
  • Do not try to touch a downed line with your hand or any objects such as a stick or pole.
  • Avoid touching anything or anyone who is in contact with a fallen power line. 
  • Do not drive over a downed power line.
  • Keep children and pets away from fallen electric lines.
  • While some energized wires spark and snap, others may not appear dangerous. 
  • Standing water can hide energized power lines or other hazards, or put you at risk of drowning.
  • Call 911 immediately to report a fallen power line.

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Millions of homes and businesses across Florida have lost power as Hurricane Irma unleashed her fury over the state. In Tampa Bay, the total is roughly a half million. Utility officials say it will take weeks to restore electricity to everyone. Click here to report a power outage in your area.

We have crews in the field right now responding to calls for wires down.