VIDEOS: Hurricane Irma brings intense winds, rain to Florida

Posted at 3:13 AM, Sep 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-10 23:23:30-04

ABC Action News has been Taking Action for the Hard Working People of Tampa Bay by bringing the latest details concerning Hurricane Irma.

HURRICANE IRMAReal-time tracking maps, Hurricane supply kit info & Hurricane Center

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Tracking Hurricane Irma: Updates and thoughts from Chief Meteorologist Denis Phillips

Below are the latest videos from our reporters out in field:

WATCH: Street lights violently tossed by Hurricane Irma winds



WATCH: Tampa residents preparing for Irma



WATCH: Hurricane Irma pounds Southwest Florida as the storm nears Tampa Bay



WATCH: Miami is getting hit with heavy flooding as a result of Hurricane Irma



WATCH: Hurricane Irma makes landfall on Marco Island



WATCH: Boat sinks in Hurricane Irma winds in Miami



WATCH: Tree gets knocked down by Hurricane Irma winds in Miami



WATCH: Cameras captured what looks like a tornado forming in the Brickell area of Miami



WATCH: Jameis Winston delivers a message to Floridians in the midst of Hurricane Irma



WATCH: St. Pete Waterfront gone as Irma sucks water away from shore



WATCH: A man was seen walking his dog through flooding in St. Augustine from Hurricane Irma



WATCH: Sean Daly at the Gandy Bridge, which closes at 40 mph



WATCH: Flooding in St. Augustine due to bands from Irma



WATCH: Power lines already down in Southeast Florida



WATCH: Streets flooding in Miami ahead of Hurricane Irma making landfall



WATCH: Irma already impacting Floridians



WATCH: Waves crashing in Biscayne Bay



WATCH: Waves picking up in Miami as Hurricane Irma gets closer to Florida



WATCH: Help is on the way to Florida to help with recovery stages after Hurricane Irma passes



WATCH: Hurricane Irma inching closer to making landfall in Florida.



WATCH: Largo crews pick up special needs patients who need to evacuate to shelters



WATCH: Families hunkering down in Pasco Co. shelters 



WATCH: Restaurant opens doors to serve as a shelter as Hurricane Irma approaches Tampa bay area