VIDEOS: Hurricane Irma brings intense winds, rain to Florida

ABC Action News has been Taking Action for the Hard Working People of Tampa Bay by bringing the latest details concerning Hurricane Irma.

HURRICANE IRMAReal-time tracking maps, Hurricane supply kit info & Hurricane Center

Hurricane Supply Kit Checklist | Things to know before the storm | Preparations for your pets | Power outage maps & resources | Know your evacuation zone | Price gouging: How to protect yourself and report it | Insurance protection: Video tape home inventory | Tampa Bay sandbag locations | Find a hurricane shelter near you | Hurricane Irma Emergency Phone Numbers | Evacuations underway | Closures and Alerts | Storm Surge Map

Tracking Hurricane Irma: Updates and thoughts from Chief Meteorologist Denis Phillips

Below are the latest videos from our reporters out in field:

WATCH: Street lights violently tossed by Hurricane Irma winds



WATCH: Tampa residents preparing for Irma



WATCH: Hurricane Irma pounds Southwest Florida as the storm nears Tampa Bay



WATCH: Miami is getting hit with heavy flooding as a result of Hurricane Irma



WATCH: Hurricane Irma makes landfall on Marco Island



WATCH: Boat sinks in Hurricane Irma winds in Miami



WATCH: Tree gets knocked down by Hurricane Irma winds in Miami



WATCH: Cameras captured what looks like a tornado forming in the Brickell area of Miami



WATCH: Jameis Winston delivers a message to Floridians in the midst of Hurricane Irma



WATCH: St. Pete Waterfront gone as Irma sucks water away from shore



WATCH: A man was seen walking his dog through flooding in St. Augustine from Hurricane Irma



WATCH: Sean Daly at the Gandy Bridge, which closes at 40 mph



WATCH: Flooding in St. Augustine due to bands from Irma



WATCH: Power lines already down in Southeast Florida



WATCH: Streets flooding in Miami ahead of Hurricane Irma making landfall



WATCH: Irma already impacting Floridians



WATCH: Waves crashing in Biscayne Bay



WATCH: Waves picking up in Miami as Hurricane Irma gets closer to Florida



WATCH: Help is on the way to Florida to help with recovery stages after Hurricane Irma passes



WATCH: Hurricane Irma inching closer to making landfall in Florida.



WATCH: Largo crews pick up special needs patients who need to evacuate to shelters



WATCH: Families hunkering down in Pasco Co. shelters 



WATCH: Restaurant opens doors to serve as a shelter as Hurricane Irma approaches Tampa bay area



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