Floridians preparing for Hurricane Irma, worried about loved ones in Puerto Rico.

Posted at 11:30 PM, Sep 06, 2017

Floridians are anxiously waiting to find out Hurricane Irma's path in our state and adding to that possible stress, some are also concerned about family in the Caribbean.

Tampa Bay area residents said they are worried about loved ones in Puerto Rico, especially because they have not heard from them since Wednesday afternoon.

"My aunt she said that the transformers were blowing up like every 5 minutes. People were screaming. She said I am sick to my stomach that’s how scared I am," Ivelisse Correa said.

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While people on the island have experienced strong systems in the past, many are terrified about Irma's destruction.

“It’s so scary ‘cause there’s nothing you can do. Nothing," Correa said.

People like Larra Acevedo are nervous about what the island will look like after Hurricane Irma.

“It is kind of crazy because, you know, they’ve been economically hit too so Puerto Rico is just not ready for this, I don’t think," Acevedo said.

Acevedo felt better once she saw a cousin post he was safe on Facebook. She said she is getting ready for the hurricane and whatever it brings to our area.

“In the back of my mind, I’m thinking they’re going to get nailed before we do and then who knows what we’re even going to get," Acevedo said.

She has supplies in her home.

“I think for me it’s more concentrating to make sure I’m okay so that then I can make sure they’re okay," Acevedo said.

Both women told ABC Action News they are thinking about their families in Puerto Rico and getting ready here.

“Yeah it’s just mixed emotions. We’re ready and we’re just hoping for the best," Correa said.

President Trump already approved Puerto Rico's emergency declaration, meaning their getting federal aid.