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Viral Video Shows The Easiest Way To Put A Trash Bag In The Can

Viral Video Shows The Easiest Way To Put A Trash Bag In The Can
Posted at 11:15 AM, Oct 29, 2021

We can always count on TikTok to provide a combination of entertainment and helpful hacks for around the house. More often than we want to admit, we stumble across a TikToker with a useful tip or recipe that makes us look at one another and say, “Why didn’t we think of that?”

Remember the TikToker who enlightened us about the proper way to use a travel pillow?

Or the clever TikTok cook who showed the world how to make a quesadilla in the toaster?

Now, we’ve found a woman on TikTok who has shaken up the internet by informing everyone that we’ve been putting trash bags in the bin all wrong.


You know the drill. First, you pull out the trash bag from the box. Next, you try to open the top without going crazy. Then you give it a vigorous shake to open it up. Finally, you stick it in the can and pull it over the rim to secure it.

According to Hannah Ian of the organizing company Stored Simply with Lydia Amerson, there is a better way and she shared it on TikTok.

First, in the video that went viral with 11.8 million views, she points out that the bag comes out of the box inside out and shows off the seam to prove it.

Then, the next secret is putting the trash bag over the bin “like a hat.” So, instead of fighting to open it and then shaking it out, simply slip the trash bag over the can to cover the opening.

@storedsimplyDid you know this!? #lifehack #organizationhacks♬ Taste It – Ikson

Then, once the bag is secure around the rim, simply push the rest of it down into the can. The bag doesn’t slip off and the seam is on the inside.

“Had no idea,” Ian exclaimed after demonstrating the trash bag hack.

However, there is one warning for those looking to try this less aggressive way to line your trash cans. Make sure your can has a hole in the back, otherwise you might run into trouble.

During an interview with “Good Morning America” after the TikTok video went viral, Ian explained trash cans without a hole in the back don’t work as well with this trash bag trick because the bag can “cause an air pocket to form in them.” This prevents the bag from fitting into the can properly.

What do you think of this trash bag tip? We’ve also shared other ways to use your trash bags more efficiently. Which method do you prefer?

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