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10 unexpected and genius ways to use a lint roller

10 unexpected and genius ways to use a lint roller
Posted at 7:30 AM, Jul 04, 2022

The best lint rollers work wonders for picking up pet hair and delinting clothing, but did you know they can also act as little helpers in other areas of your house and garage? Whether you have a sticky roller brush or one with a reusable felt pad, you’ll be able to pick up extra dust and dirt in unexpected spots.

Here are our favorite uses you may never have thought of but now will want to try A.S.A.P.

Lamp shades

Carefully roll your lint roller over your fabric lampshade to lift dust and small fibers. (Avoid paper lamp shades.)


Clean up little messes

Sugar spills, sprinkles, glitter mayhem and broken glass can clean up small messes faster than if you went to grab your vacuum. Lint rollers are excellent at catching tiny shards of glass that are barely noticeable to the eye but definitely felt by the feet.


Peel off a sticky sheet from your lint roller and wiggle it between your keys to grab all the little crumbs that fall when you’re eating at your desk.

Kitchen drawers

Decrumb and degunk kitchen drawers with a sticky roller. These come in especially handy grabbing all the debris that naturally collects in the corners.



If your pet is allowed on furniture, wipe down upholstered couches and chairs weekly with your lint brush. You’ll notice this cuts back on how much you need to de-lint your own clothes (unless you cuddle your dog regularly — then your joy probably supersedes your fur frustration, anyway).

Microfiber upholstered furniture will look rejuvenated if you move the brush in the same direction across the entire surface.

Inside the car

Whether it’s Cheerios crumbs or cup-holder muck, the best lint rollers will lift up all kinds of leftover particles from long road trips. You can even swipe sticky sheet rollers over your floor mats, although if they’re in really bad shape, we recommend using a vacuum instead.

Strollers, car seats and high chairs

Babies are oblivious to how much mess they create. Swoop in with a lint roller for quick messy snack cleanups for stroller, car seat and high chair crumbs.


Pockets and purses

Two spots that are awkward to tackle include pockets and purses. Sticky roller lint brushes get in all the nooks and crannies, removing lint and debris trapped in the bottom edges of purses and tucked into pockets.

Small rugs

Use a lint brush to clean up small area rugs — the 2-by-3-foot kind that are tricky to vacuum. This is a great way to keep them tidy between washes without much effort.

Dead bugs

If you spot bugs that have gone belly up in your window sills or along the edge of your floors, use a lint roller to pick them up.

What do you think? Has this list inspired you to easily whisk away lint, crumbs and pet hair from other areas in your house? We think anything that makes cleaning faster and easier is worth trying out!

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