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SunPass customer frustrated with lack of transparency, customer service

Posted at 4:12 PM, Apr 01, 2019

ST. PETE BEACH, Fla. — One St. Pete Beach man says he has hundreds of dollars in unresolved tolls but it's not for lack of trying.

"It's disgraceful. It's disgraceful,” said Walter Ercius of St. Pete Beach.

He has a stack of toll by plate bills and Walter Ercius' SunPass works just fine.

"I'm worried about when I go over there, getting arrested, because they'll look at these and go, you've got 150 some odd toll violations,” he said.

Ercius says he's been overcharged for those violations and hours on the phone, even in-line at a SunPass Service Center, hasn’t fixed his problem.

"Some of them are $1.95 and they're supposed to be like 80 cents,” he said.

Ercius is supposed to get a discount traveling to Orlando to see his daughter using a SunPass transponder.

But for months, his SunPass hasn’t registered with the Central Florida Expressway Authority.

"I know I'm supposed to pay these and I don't have a problem paying them, the Express Authority over there, but I want to be charged the right amount and I don't think I should have to continue to do this every month,” he explained.

Drivers across the state are getting slapped with bills delayed from last year.

The governor is giving drivers another grace period until June 1 to pay late bills, blasting contractor Conduent saying: "this is a technology issue for Conduent, but it's a customer service issue for citizens."

"There's a significant amount of money that I'm not responsible to pay and I don't know what that is either,” said Ercius.

But without transparency from SunPass, Ercius says he's not paying anything.

"I can't imagine how many people have just paid this and given up,” he said.