How to survive a spring blizzard in style

Posted at 12:54 PM, Mar 22, 2016

It's the first week of spring and a number of states from Colorado to New York are prepping for possible blizzard conditions during the second half of the week.

All of these states are more than likely ready for a season of warmer weather to actually begin, but since we can't control the weather, here's how to breeze through this snow storm in style.

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Step one is knowing what exactly you're up against. Are we talking several feet of snow or more of a dusting?

Knowing how much snow is falling at your house and when it's expected to show up will help you better prepare.

Stock up on your groceries

Best case scenario, travel is going to be slow-going in some places across the Plains and the Midwest, but there's a good chance no one's going anywhere for a day or so.

You don't want to be stuck inside without anything to eat or drink — even if it's only for a day.


Make a quick grocery run a day or two ahead of time to stock up on the french toast essentials that everyone seems to always pick up — milk, bread and eggs.

And finally, dust off your snow shovel

Unlike many of the snow storms that have happened within the last month or so, it looks like temperatures will likely stay cold for a few days after all the snow has fallen.

This means you'll have to shovel or blow the snow off your driveway if you want to go anywhere once the storm has passed.

The wind will likely be blowing while the snow is falling, which could lead to some big snow drifts that may need to be moved.

It may be spring, but that doesn't mean we're through with the snow just yet.

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