Tampa Bay Rays fans cheer the team on from St. Pete Pier watch party

Rays game watch party
Posted at 11:20 PM, Oct 10, 2021

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Even from afar, Tampa Bay Rays fans found a way to show the team some love for Game 3 with a watch party in Tampa Bay.

Hundreds of fans showed up for a family friendly event on the Bayfront tilted lawn on the St. Pete Pier.

“From our hometown, we didn’t have this, so for us this is a dream for our kids,” said Claudia Correa.

The Correa family moved here from Indiana and became Rays fans just this year.

“We’re hoping for a World Series. That’s why they call it Champa Bay,” said Rafael Correa.

They may be new here, but they’re already catching on to our Champa Bay lingo! So is Nick Pacini, who just moved from Chicago.

“I had no clue that Florida had these things until I got here, and I should’ve came to Florida sooner honestly,” said Pacini.

We’re glad he’s here now, especially because he may be Tampa Bay’s good luck charm!

“It’s crazy! I moved down here, the Bolts won again, then the Bucs won, Rays should’ve won, that’s a rip, but this year they’re gonna do it,” said Pacini.

The team gave out free swag at the watch party, and the Tampa Bay Rays mascot Raymond joined the party for pictures, too.

“I’ve been a Rays fan forever. I love the Rays. They’re the most fun team, the guys are great, we used to sit next to the dugout, and they were just, they’re just good guys,” said Donna Dugan.

While the Rays didn’t take home a Game 3 win, fans at the St. Pete Pier have high hopes the team will still win the ALDS.

Monday night’s game is another away game, but fans can watch it at another watch party at the St. Pete Pier. First pitch is at 7:07 pm.