Police arrest Boston man for pulling fire alarm at Pittsburgh Steelers' hotel

Posted at 9:33 AM, Jan 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-22 09:33:44-05

Massachusetts State Police have apprehended and charged a man who pulled a fire alarm in the Pittsburgh Steelers' hotel early Sunday morning, authorities told ESPN's Sal Paolantonio.

Dennis Harrison, 25, of East Boston, has been charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and pulling a false fire alarm at the team's airport hotel in Boston.

According to sources, the man pulled an alarm in a stairwell near an exit at the hotel and jumped into a waiting car with two other men and fled the scene, but was quickly apprehended by state police.

The hotel was evacuated while firefighters checked the building. While many members of the Steelers were awakened by the alarm, the team was not evacuated.

NFL security officials were staying at the same hotel and were on the scene during the incident.

The Steelers will play the New England Patriots on Sunday night (6:40 ET) in the AFC Championship Game.