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Bucs fans head to local tattoo artist to commemorate Super Bowl 55 win

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Posted at 5:09 AM, Aug 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-13 08:49:56-04

Bucs fans across the Bay are really showing their allegiance to the team after the Super Bowl win, in tattoos.

We caught up with Kyle Lambert, a tattoo artist at Bay City Tattoos in Tampa.

He ran a special after the historic win, $55 Bucs tattoos.

Lambert knows he's tattooed at least 50 people in Bucs logos and flags, but after that he just stopped counting.

He's done it all though, small tattoos up to a whole sleeve of Tampa Bay sports.

"Like I said, I tell most of my clients, I love my job. And there's not a day I come into work and I'm like, man, I got to work today. You know, it's like I look forward to coming in today. I look forward to coming into work every day. And when I get a chance to do a Bucs tattoo that just makes the day even better," explains Lambert.

He's got some stories to tell too. Lambert showed us a sign from the Super Bowl, given to him by a frontline worker. The worker was able to attend the Super Bowl and gave the memorabilia to Lambert as a token of their appreciation.

Even still, he's made some friends doing this work. He has clients who will be taking him to a game as part of their appreciation.

And it's not just Bucs either, Bolts fans marked the Stanley Cup win in tattoos this year, too.

"I did a deal on Lightning tattoos as well, because I'm a Lightning fan, as well," Lambert said.

Lambert said one Lightning fan went to a private event where she got Nikita Kucherov to sign her tattoo, with his signature becoming a permanent part of it.

"So she went to the boat parade. And I guess the guys were like taking their shirts off and throwing them, she caught Nikita Kucherov's shirt. And then I guess a couple days later, a week later, she went to this private event, where Kuch was at, and he got her to sign the shirt. And she was like, You know what? This just doesn't feel right," Lambert said. "So she went back in line. And it was like, I have a weird request. And he's like, okay, she's like, will you sign my shoulder. And he kind of just looked at her, like, are you serious? And then she showed him the tattoo. And he just thought it was so cool. And he signed her shoulder and then that night, she texted me and was like, hey, Kucherov just signed my tattoo. Will you come and tattoo it, and I was off that night. But I figured, you know, it's just in Sharpie, like we got to do it. So I came in on my day off just because that was just an opportunity I couldn't turn down."