Now is time for families dealing with job loss to apply for health coverage through marketplace open enrollment ends Dec. 15
Posted at 6:10 AM, Nov 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-19 07:37:33-05

TAMPA, Fla. — Open enrollment through the federal healthcare marketplace is ongoing for families who need coverage for 2021. The deadline to apply is December 15.

The Family Healthcare Foundationcan provide assistance with applying for low-cost or no-cost coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace, Medicaid or the Hillsborough County Health Care Plan.

Katie Turner is a certified marketplace navigator with the Family Healthcare Foundation and said they are trained to help people find the lowest rate on health coverage.

"What I've seen a lot of is that people attempted to do the application themselves in years past and got really discouraged," Turner said. "Either they got sticker shock at the very beginning and didn't quite fill out the application correctly and never went back to it."

But Turner said using a trained marketplace navigator can help eliminate confusion and problems.

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"I just assisted somebody the other day who told me that when they saw premiums, they were always like $200 or $300," Turner said. "I helped her fill out the application. We estimated her income correctly this time and her plan choices were looking more like $50 to $75. That's a big part of what navigators do."

In addition, there is specific coverage through the state of Florida for kids ages 18 and under through Florida KidCare.


Some Florida counties, including Hillsborough, Polk and Pinellas, offer health insurance to low-income residents who qualify.

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