Jobs making the biggest comeback this year

Businesses hiring the most workers in 2021
Posted at 12:02 PM, May 21, 2021

There is good news this spring for people who lost their jobs during the pandemic or are just looking for an opportunity to advance.

Many companies are hiring and are offering all sorts of bonuses and incentives, as business rebounds in 2021.

Morgan Baylor, like many other restaurant workers, found herself filing for unemployment last April.

"During quarantine, a lot of people were out of work," she said. "A lot of restaurants were closed."

But now she's back at work and is working more hours every week.

Next to the hotel industry, restaurants were some of the hardest-hit businesses during the shutdown last year.

Restaurant owner and chef Jose Salazar says now is the time to apply for restaurant jobs.

"Everyone in our industry is hiring right now," he said. "It's actually hard to find people to work."

So with the help of employment site, we found the 9 jobs coming back fastest in 2021.

Which companies need the most workers now

Monster's career expert, Vicki Salemi, says they have seen a big surge in employment listings over the past three months.

"At Monster we are seeing a return of jobs in the leisure sector, accommodation, and food services," she said.

She says you'll find the most listings right now in the following businesses and industries:

  • Hotels, as travel returns.
  • Restaurants, as people dine out (and indoors) again.
  • Nursing, which was hit hard last year when elective surgeries and doctor visits stopped.
  • Construction, especially home building in this red-hot home-buying market.
  • Shipping and logistics, which entails getting goods from point A to point B. This encompasses everything from trucking, to warehouse jobs, to computer jobs to make it all happen.

Kerry Byrne is president ofTotal Quality Logistics, the second-largest freight brokerage firm in the nation.

"We are looking to hire a thousand people across the country, across our 57 offices," Byrne said.

They need salespeople, accountants, freight bookers, and more.

Other businesses with jobs available include:

  • Airlines, now rehiring pilots, flight attendants, and gate workers, and in need of workers to replace those who took retirement or left the business last year.
  • Information Technology, commonly referred to as IT.
  • Daycare, as home-based workers move back to the office, and suddenly need babysitting again. (You can include doggie daycare in this category, for all the pandemic puppies that will soon be home alone.)

Restaurant cook Morgan Baylor is thrilled to be working again.

"It's only going to go up from here," she said.

Jose Salazar, meantime, says he is optimistic about his three restaurants rebounding this year.

"I believe we can will things to happen if we try hard enough," he said.

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