Free career training, referrals and job placement now available through UACDC

Companies in need of custodial services
Posted at 5:45 AM, Nov 11, 2020

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — Tampa Bay area families hit hard by job loss in the pandemic now have the ability to get free career training, referrals and job placement through the University Area Community Development Corporation in Tampa's University Area.

"We have a lot of people calling us for assistance," said Josie Rocco, University Area CDC operations manager. "They are saying do you know people who are hiring that can offer a living wage?"

The field of janitorial services is growing faster than ever in this pandemic. Company leaders are now hiring custodial and janitorial services who never considered it before, leading to a jump in demand for these trained workers in the past six months.

"There is a huge market right now for custodians," Rocco said.

The UACDC will offer free custodial training services and certifications on November 16 and November 17 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at their offices at 14013 N. 22nd Street Tampa, FL 33613.

Participants will watch a training video explaining everything from how to mop a floor to properly cleaning a restroom. They'll also be able to ask questions in person with experts.

Then, the UACDC will help provide referrals to open jobs and help place the newly-certified custodial workers into positions within a week.

Registration is limited and is required by contacting Josie Rocco at 813.558.5212 ext. 208 or

There was already a training session in October for custodial services and Rocco said she's seen life-changing results for unemployed workers.

"I met a lady who has worked for Busch Gardens for over 15 years and due to COVID was recently laid off," Rocco said. "She has taken our custodial certification and is now employed with another individual who took the training to improve her business aspect of her custodial cleaning business."

Free Computer Training

If you need to boost your resume, the UACDC is offering more free training for Microsoft Office. It helps you become proficient in any of the programs, including Outlook.

Learn more about free Microsoft Office Training

Participants can use the computer lab at the UACDC to complete the training or do it online from their home.

Free Employment Training

The UACDC is also offering a free training program called Next Job, funded through Fifth Third Bank.

It shows how to search for employment, how to create a resume, how to show up for your interview, and what to do after your interview. It also delves into how to perform within the first 90 days on the job, where you're often on a probationary period.

"We really follow through with them for the first six months to a year to make sure that we are able to support them and they're a great employee for anyone who hires them," Rocco said.

To sign up for Next Job, contact Rocco at 813.558.5212 ext. 208 or