Gift of Gab Kids aims at helping children build self-confidence | The Rebound Tampa Bay

Posted at 1:37 AM, Apr 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-29 07:33:03-04

TAMPA, Fla. — A mother of three young boys wants to help parents keep their kids confidence up while they are stuck at home.

Nadine Bubeck is the founder of Gift of Gab Kids.

It is a project that hones in on building children’s self-confidence through social interactions and public speaking.

Bubeck says now is a great time to get children talking and there a number of ways to do that.

She recommends using the virtual conference site, Zoom.

Bubeck says you should put your child on a Zoom call with a friend and let them talk about a toy they may have.

Another option is to bring back their ABCs.

“Bring them outside. Say a word that starts with each letter," Bubeck says. "For example, A is for astronaut. Then give them thirty to sixty seconds to talk about each word. You would be amazed."

When it comes to building their confidence, she says to look into cards of affirmation.

"You can find them online. They are so inexpensive or you can make them yourself," says Bubeck. "Have your child draw one every day and it will give them a statement that will stay in their heart throughout the entire day.”

If kids are feeling stressed and anxious, Bubeck says a simple breathing exercise can help.

"Have them lay on their back in the bed, put their hands on their tummy. Take a deep breath in, a deep breathe out. Do it ten times, ten minutes. If they feel themselves breathing it’s very therapeutic," Bubeck says.

To get them talking and feel comfortable doing it, Bubeck suggests grabbing a microphone and allowing your child to speak freely in it.

She believes is it simple recommendations like these that can truly have an impact on a child's life as they get older.