Home-makeover team helps families struggling during pandemic | The Rebound Tampa Bay

“The Pineapple Projects” needs donated furniture
Posted at 1:45 AM, Jun 23, 2020

LARGO, Fla. — Five women with one one goal to help beautify the homes of Tampa Bay area families in need.

“To have your passion and your purpose meet is an amazing thing,” says Ashley Cornetet, a former real estate agent with a gift for staging and home decor.

On this day is is surrounded by friends Megan White, Angel Johnson and Cecily Benga. Ashley’s mom, Debbi Bryant, is here, too.

They are all wearing hot-pink shirts reading “The Pineapple Projects.”

“This has been an amazing experience,” says Cornetet.

And a fast one.

The crew started “The Pineapple Projects” less than two weeks ago as a way to help a young family struggling with sudden unemployment due to the pandemic. The family was forced to sell their belongings to pay the bills.

Ashley and her mother were already helping hundreds of people by sewing and donating coronavirus masks.

With the money people donated for mask supplies, they bought a few things for the struggling family who now had almost no furniture.


But the rest — beautiful home furnishings including beds and dressers and couches — were donated by friends and members of the community.

Ashley redesigned the home into something truly beautiful.

“Everyone was crying,” Cornetet says.


Almost immediately, the Pineapple Projects gang heard about another family in need. And then another. So many people living in a less-than-ideal situations.

They believer there is a lot of work left to do.

“When these people see the finished result, they just melt,” says Ashley. “They have a home now.”


Have furniture or home goods to donate? The Pinellas Projects wants to hear from you. Click here for more information.

You can also help out by making a monetary donation through the Pineapple Projects GoFundMe account.