Civil Axe Throwing reopens in Ybor City

Posted at 4:05 PM, Dec 11, 2020

TAMPA, Fla. — If you want to embrace your inner lumberjack, Civil Axe Throwing is the best place for you.

The company closed its doors during the pandemic and stayed closed even after the state allowed them to reopen.

"We were on the fence," Vice President of Sales and Marketing Scott Brewster said. "We want our team to be healthy and safe. So, we didn't want to push it, but now we feel more comfortable kind of in the atmosphere that we live in right now."

Brewster said Civil Axe Throwinghas 15 locations across the country. The Ybor City location was their first venture in Florida.

"We chose Ybor City because it's got such a rich history it's funky it's unique kind of like we are as a company," Brewster said. "We've been here for almost a year, but we've only truly been open for about two to maybe even three weeks."

Brewster described ax throwing as darts on steroids. We got a safety tutorial and was handed not one ax but two. ABC Action News reporter Michael Paluska hit the target on his first throw with a double ax. It was exhilarating, and Brewster said that is the appeal.

"That first time is a little bit unique is a great word for it, but man, once you finally get that ax to stick into the target, you can feel it. It just feels right," Brewster said. "Hands are raised eyes are big everyone is laughing and smiling, so it's a great experience to see that happen."

If you want to rent out a lane and have some fun, Brewster said you have to be 10-years or older, wear closed-toe shoes, and be sober.

"I know we are in a warmer environment, so we just ask close-toed shoes. That's probably our biggest requirement," Brewster said. "We want people to walk in with ten toes, and we want people to walk out with ten toes."