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WE'RE OPEN: Largo restaurant says its never too early in the day to order take out

Posted at 4:22 PM, Apr 07, 2020

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — There is a restaurant in Largo that wants to remind the community that it’s never too early in the day to order take out.

Every time they ring the bell at Speggtacular, it means the Goufas family is a few bucks closer to paying the rent and keeping the lights on.

“We are down a minimum 80% from our usual, this is a very busy restaurant, and we have nothing,” said owner Emmanuel Goufas.

Goufas is down to a bare bones staff, consisting of his wife and two daughters. They already closed their other two locations, but thanks to a loyal customer base, the take out and delivery continues at their eatery on Ulmerton Road.

“We feel blessed that that they are coming and supporting us,” said Goufas.

With unemployment numbers going up, they realize people have to cut back, they just hope there is still a budget for bacon and eggs.

“You obviously have to choose how you are going to spend right now, people can’t spend on two meals out so maybe alternate, one day you could do breakfast, one day you can do dinner,” said Cynthia Aguilar.

If there is one silver lining, it’s that this family is only growing stronger, and they were already pretty close, three of them have matching tattoos.

“Me and my dad and my mom have dragons tattooed on us, I wanted to keep it in the family I thought that was cool,” said Cristina Goufas.

“I’ll be next to do my sleeve and I’ll stick with the theme too,” said Sabrina Goufas.

Speggtacular may have an empty dining room, but their business is overflowing with love. They know they’ll get through this.

“The bond of a family is unbreakable,” said Goufas.

For more information, visit speggtacular.com.