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Blaze Pizza offers DIY pizza kits for customers to make pizza at home

Blaze Pizza is offering delivery and carry-out
Posted at 9:27 PM, May 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-11 23:29:10-04

TRINITY, Fla. -- Local restaurants continue to operate at 25% of their capacity after the state allowed them to reopen a week ago.

The store manager at Blaze Pizza in Trinity, Johanna Herrera, said the restaurant is taking precautions.

Signs around the restaurant encourage people to social distance. Employees wear face masks.

"We sanitize every 15 to 20 minutes. Our dinning room tables, handles, anything that be touched by a guest or team member," said Herrera.

Customers said they are glad they're able to eat inside restaurants again.

"The restaurants take care of the needs of the customer as far as keeping it sanitized, keeping space so it’s nice actually," said Debra Webster, a customer.

Herrera said Blaze Pizza is offering DIY Pizza Kits. The pizza kits come in individual and "Family Fun" sizes.

The individual kits includes a dough ball, dusting flour, and up to seven toppings.

"You can get a personal-size pizza like you would here and cook it at home and it would be fresh for you or a family pack. You can enjoy as a family and entertain yourself creating pizzas and having that family time," said Herrera.

Takeout and delivery are still options for customers.

"We'll make the order for you to pay outside. We'll do our best to keep you safe too," said Herrera.

"We closed some tables down just to keep the distancing with the guests and make sure everyone’s at a safe distance," she added.