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'Behind the Screens': Local photography company offers virtual photo shoots

Posted at 4:16 PM, May 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-12 16:20:22-04

TAMPA, Fla. -- Jessie Stehlik’s photography company, FotoBohemia, should have a jam-packed schedule right now of weddings and charity galas.

“Literally, we have not had any work until the end of February. Just completely stopped. Nobody wants to commit right now,” said Stehlik.

Just for fun, Stehlik started doing virtual photo shoots of her friends from inside their own living rooms and bedrooms.

“It brings us all joy because they have nothing to get dressed up for, they are all stuck at home, so it gives them a reason to put makeup on for the first time in a month or longer,” said Stehlik.

The idea became such a positive therapeutic experience, she started offering the service to everyone. She calls it Behind The Screens.

“I actually ask them ahead of time, ‘do you want quarantine pretty or do you want quarantine real life,’” said Stehlik. “I’ve had a mix of responses, some people are like, ‘Make me look beautiful’ and some people are like, 'These are my kids. Toys everywhere, go crazy.’”

From lighting, to posture, to props, she brings decades of photography experience into the home and then captures her subjects with a simple screen shot.

“It was so great to see myself looking pretty because for several weeks, I have not looked that way,” said Anna Coats.

Coats decided to do her photo shoot in honor of Mother’s Day.

“We aren’t taking a lot of photos of ourselves right now during quarantine. This is kind of a neat way to remember something fun that we did during this time,” said Coats.

Stehlik is only accepting donations for her time. Her hope is to one day compile a book of quarantine photos. A unique way to capture this moment in history.

“Photography isn’t just about a beautiful picture. It’s about a beautiful story, and so being able to show them in that moment in their story has been everything,” said Stehlik.

For more information go to fotoboho.com.