Steve Irwin's widow says she hasn't dated since his death

Posted at 6:47 AM, Feb 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-01 06:47:54-05

The late Steve Irwin's wife, Terri Irwin, says in a new interview that she hasn't been on a date since "The Crocodile Hunter" star's death in 2006.

In fact, the 53-year-old told People magazine, "I think it’s wonderful when people who have lost someone find love again, but I’m not personally looking, and I haven’t been on a date in 27 years."

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Terri, who is one of the leaders at the Australia Zoo and a TV star in her own right, lost her husband 12 years ago when he was struck in the heart by a stingray barb at the age of 44.

"I’m content. I have two beautiful kids, a really full plate. I’ve already had my happily ever after," she added.


Terri admitted that "nobody’s truly prepared" for that kind of sudden loss.

"The Crocodile Hunter" aired from 1997 to 2007 on Animal Planet.

"Steve was someone who was larger than life and really did live life to the fullest. Even though he died at 44, years of age he lived such a full life and that’s what I want to do and share, " Terri said.

Terri isn't the only Irwin continuing Steve's legacy. His daughter Bindi and son Robert have also been involved in the zoo and promoting animal conservation.



"Dad, you give me strength every day. These memories will live with me forever. I miss you with all my heart but I'm beyond grateful for the time we had. I hope someday we are all together again. I love you," Bindi wrote last June on Instagram.





Bindi also paid tribute to her dad in 2015 when she won "Dancing With the Stars."