World's largest Chevron opens its doors Nevada

Posted at 7:38 PM, Jul 06, 2018

JEAN, Nev. — Terrible's Road House, a.k.a. the world's largest Chevron, opened its doors in Jean, Nevada on Friday.

The new 50,000-square-foot gas station opened right next to the older, smaller station at 1 Goodsprings Road.

According to Mark Walters, the Vice President of Sales and Merchandising at Terrible Herbst, they felt like they needed a bigger space to accommodate the thousands of travelers near the Nevada-California state line.

"We know that there's 55,000 travelers every day," said Walters. "The last thing they want to do is wait for a pump when they're getting gas or wait for a restroom when they need the restroom."

The new station has 96 fuel pumps and 60 restrooms, which is far more accommodating given the volume of traffic that passes through Jean.

PHOTOS: Inside the world's largest Chevron in Jean, Nevada

Terrible's Road House is designed to feel like a travel destination – visitors can see full-sized airplanes hanging from the ceiling, racecars, and a 13-foot Sasquatch among the aisles of snacks and drinks. 

Other highlights include a Jack Links merch store, a Red Bull lounge with lockers that charge your cell phone, a beer cave with craft brews from Nevada, pepperoni jerky, nitro cold brew coffee on tap, moonshine from City Lights Distillery, a mini-casino, and a machine that makes instant slushies out of soda. There's also plenty of Nevada-related trinkets to buy at the gift shop.

The station isn't entirely finished just yet. Only about half of the 96 pumps were up and running on the day it opened. There's also a variety of spaces under construction within the building, including a White Castle, an auto parts store, an arcade with three carousel rides, and a 4,000-square-foot candy store.