Top Republicans campaign in Tampa

Pence, Rubio speak at FL Republican dinner
Posted at 10:22 PM, Oct 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-16 00:24:19-04

The clock is ticking to election day.  Saturday night, top Republicans were making their case right here in Tampa Bay.  Despite continuing controversy surrounding Donald Trump, the party's making every effort to win key races.

"People in both political parties, frankly, are restless for change," said Gov. Mike Pence, Republican vice presidential candidate.

Governor Pence insisted Saturday night during a keynote address in Tampa that change comes with electing Donald Trump president.  Pence, and even the Republican National Committee vice chair insist despite an exodus of support from some top Republicans, they see a path to victory.

"The amazing thing is Donald Trump is winning the hearts and minds every day of people and he's going to continue to fight all the way to the White House," Gov. Pence said.

Pence didn't talk directly about the continuing controversy surrounding trump's lewd talk about women, but said it's time to move past the "avalanche of insults" coming from the Clinton campaign and focus on what matters most.

"I think this election is really about security.  It's about prosperity, and it's about the highest court in the land.  And we need to talk to our neighbors about what's at stake," said Gov. Pence.

Every speaker at the Florida Republican Party dinner pointed to far more than the presidency being at stake.
Sen. Marco Rubio, who is hoping to go back to Congress, never mentioned Donald Trump by name in his address Saturday night, but also hyped the importance of the decisions our next leaders will make for generations to come.

"We need your help, obviously in the presidential race, but also in the Senate race and for the Congressional races and for the state house and senate.  We need people who believe in limited government and strong national defense at every level of government," Sen. Rubio said.

Ultimately, both parties..hoping every voter turns out November 8th to decide which direction the country goes.