'Not My President's Day' rallies draw thousands across the country

Posted at 5:20 PM, Feb 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-20 17:20:09-05

Monday afternoon, people across the country spent their President's day, protesting the president. "Not My President's Day" rallies have been going on all day in cities across the country.

New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Those are just some of the cities where people used President's Day to protest the president. 

It's just the latest protest surrounding the president and his policies. Nearly 100 people reportedly lost their jobs nationwide after joining the "Day Without Immigrants" protest, where employees missed a day of work in response to President Trump's controversial immigration policies.

Organizers of the "Not My President's Day" rally say while Trump is literally president, figuratively he doesn't represent their interests and stands against progress they've worked to enact.

Hanna Khavafipour is the organizer of the "Not My President's Day" rally in Denver.

"We would like this administration to know that we do not stand for or support these hateful policies that are being put in place," Khavafipour says.

She's been a part of protest before and says she wants this to become more of a movement.

"I see a lot of rallies and marches popping up and that is great for visibility," Khavafipour says. "However I want this to be sustainable. I want this to continue and really my main objective is to stand and just to have a call for action."

Her push is for people to volunteer with organizations working to improve communities. And ultimately unity, whether they agree with the stance, or not.

"I really hope for people to come together," Khavafipour says. "I hope for there to be a sense of community and camaraderie."

It wasn't just the nation's biggest cities that saw protests. People took to the streets everywhere from Sarasota, Florida, to Kansas City, Missouri and Grand Rapids, Michigan.