Teens killed in Citrus crash recorded video minutes before impact

FHP continuing investigation, say alcohol involved
Posted at 5:31 PM, May 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-01 17:31:27-04

Right now, many in Citrus County are mourning the loss of two teens killed in a weekend crash.  A third teenager is still recovering in the hospital.  The trio recorded and posted a video to social media just minutes before that deadly crash.

The car those three teens were in veered of the US 19 right before slamming into a tree.  Now, one of the victim's family members posted two video clips they made to Facebook,  hoping it saves lives.

Three days after the deadly crash, people are still stopping by a roadside memorial at the crash site just outside Crystal River.

"I just wanted to stop and say a secret little prayer for them," said Beverly Stroup.

Beverly Stroup and her husband were driving down the highway moments after the crash happened late Friday.

"As we passed by, it was obvious the scene was fresh and we saw a stretcher, but we didn't see any people," said Stroup.

She learned later 18-year-old Saige Fields and her friend 18-year-old Sam O'Connor were killed.  A 15-year-old friend in the back seat is in the hospital with serious injuries.  A family member posted two Snapchat videos she wrote her sister took just minutes before her life ended.

In the video, the teens are showing off bottles of alcohol and smoking.

That relative's been requesting others pass her message on and share those videos,  hoping it's a warning for others that might save lives.  It's already been shared thousands of times, and many are hoping it will be a teachable moment for families everywhere.

"I hope the young ones coming up will make better choices.  It's frightening.  It's terrible.  It didn't have to happen," Stroup said.

Florida Highway Patrol is continuing to investigate the crash, but say alcohol was involved and that charges will likely be filed in connection to the case in the near future.