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Water safety tips heading into Memorial Day weekend

Posted at 3:18 PM, May 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-24 15:21:47-04

If you are having a cookout or planning to do something around the pool for Memorial Day weekend, remember safety comes first.

Jacob Siegel, a local swim instructor and the owner of Superhero Swim Academy, shared a few tips on how to stay safe.

He says to make sure all the chairs outside are facing the pool. That way if you see something, you can react quickly.

Siegel says your kids should never swim alone. If there are more than three children in the water, there should be one adult in the pool and one adult watching nearby.

Pay close attention to large flotation devices in the pool because they can be dangerous if your child gets sucked up underneath

“You still have to watch them every day. You still have to make sure that they know they can’t go into the pool when an adult is not around,” said Siegel.

Swimming in the ocean is more dangerous than swimming in a pool.

He says it is important to have a life jacket or a flotation device for you or your child to wear, especially if they are not strong swimmers.

Make sure your flotation device is Coast Guard approved and fits properly because it can actually push the child down into an incorrect position if doesn't meet proper regulations.

Always be at arm's length from your child and always look for a lifeguard and make sure there is one on duty in the area where you are swimming.

He says a drowning or incident can happen to any type of swimmer.

“I’m a certified lifeguard. I’m a trained ocean guard. I am a certified scuba diver, and I’ve had a drowning incident two times in my life. It goes to show that it can truly happen to anyone, and that’s why it’s important that you have somebody watching you at all times”

Siegel also want to remind people that whoever is on duty should not be drinking alcohol.