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Virginia teenager arrested in Florida, accused of threatening to kill detective

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Posted at 9:01 AM, Jun 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-24 09:01:04-04

ORLANDO, Fla. — Florida police want to charge a Virginia teen with attempted murder.

They caught him when he was on his way to central Florida after he made threats against an Orlando family and police officers, authorities said.

In a chase with Florida Highway Patrol Troopers, the teenager reached speeds of 100 miles an hour.

"I'm going to come down there and kill all of you, be afraid," the teenager allegedly said in a threat taken at the Orlando Police Communications Center on Saturday.

Then the teenager allegedly left the following voicemail for a detective who's working a case where he's accused of sharing inappropriate material with a local 13-year-old girl.

"God has commanded me to kill. I will end your life. Could be within a week, could be within several years."

Police said the teenager and the girl met online.

"His intent was to also harm the detective, then take the 13-year-old. Very very disturbing and articulate about how he was going to go about doing this," Chief Orlando Rolon said.

On Wednesday, investigators learned the teen took his parent's car and was driving to Florida.

He was ultimately caught when a trooper spun him out south of Jacksonville on I-95.

"We thought he was such a threat to society in general, not just to law enforcement, but to everybody, so we had to take him out now," said FHP Major Chris Blackmon.

Orlando Police will seek an attempted murder charge against the 16-year-old.

"He stole a vehicle, he started driving down here, he made his intentions very clear what he intended to do. So those actions, we don't have to wait until somebody actually tries to kill somebody physically in front of them before we can file a charge, absolutely not," Lt. Frank Chisari said.

Detectives said this disturbing case drives home the point of why it's so important for parents to know who your child is communicating with online, and what they're communicating about.

"We believe he is an imminent threat, an imminent danger to the city of Orlando," Chisari said.

Police also said the teen had a pipe in his car and had researched how to make a pipe bomb.

He's currently being held in Saint Johns County.