VIDEO: Gator eats player's golf ball on Florida golf course

Posted at 4:44 AM, Mar 27, 2017

Florida resident Dan McNamara was playing the third hole at Long Marsh Golf Course in Rotonda-West, FL on Saturday when his golf partner got quite the surprise. 

The man he was playing golf with hit the ball toward a lake where an alligator was waiting. McNamara told ABC News that he shanked the ball over the green and it rolled right next to the gator. 

"I was shocked that this guy turned and looked at me, he ate my buddy's golf ball."

The gator grabs the ball with his jaws and sneaks back into the water almost as if he's saying "finders keepers!"

There are a few questions about the video especially since the video is already aimed at the gator, but either way, it's an "Only in Florida" story for sure. 

Watch the video below: 




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