Hurricane supplies you need to buy during Florida's sales tax free weekend

Most hurricane supplies are tax free June 2-4
Posted at 3:33 AM, Jun 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-02 13:58:18-04

It's time to stock up on hurricane supplies. From June 2 to 4 many supplies in Florida are tax free.

We go through this every year and without fail. There is a mad rush for supplies as a storm approaches.

Adam Becker, an assistant sales manager at Lowe's, says it's easy to become complacent when a hurricane missed the Tampa Bay area, but that doesn't mean you should.

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"Every minute counts in in an evacuation like that so be prepared for all these little things that won't expire on you," said Becker.

Supplies like...

"Flashlights. You're always going to need them. Water, coolers for the beach. Why not?" said Matthew Balencie, who stocks up year round. "We keep water in the house all year round. But this time of year, it's best to have a few extra cases on board. I've got my generator, already cranked it up and it's ready to go. It's been tested which is a good thing to do."

The generator can be a health risk to you and your family if you don't understand how to use it. Let's say your generator is running in your garage. It can kill you even with the door open.

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"If you have any ventilation that is connected from your garage area to your attic and then into the side of your house which almost every home does you going to be bringing carbon monoxide into your ventilation system that's going to be disbursed possibly through your whole home," said Becker.

Generators don't work with regular extension cords and can cause electrical problems, too. Becker says that is another reason why it is critical you research and troubleshoot before a hurricane hits.

You are going to want to print out a check list so you can figure out what you have and then pick up what you don't.

Click HERE to find out a complete list of items eligible for the hurricane sales tax holiday and which things do not qualify as tax free.