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Some Floridians out of work in 2020 can't get 1099-G form which is keeping them from filing taxes

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Posted at 5:35 PM, Apr 14, 2021

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Some people who were out of work last year and were collecting unemployment benefits say they are having trouble getting their 1099-G tax. Without it, they can’t file their taxes.

Junie Ally is running out of patience.

“I waited and waited and waited and I never received mine,” she said. “It’s really frustrating because I want to do my taxes and I missing just one form and I can’t get it, I can’t get somebody on the phone I can’t get somebody to email.”

She says her husband is in the same situation.

She showed me the spot in CONNECT where the form should be, it says "view the 1099-G PDF." But, when she clicks on the tax year 2020 she gets a message with no option to open a PDF copy.

It does remind folks they must have Adobe reader downloaded, something Ally says she has done.

“I’m assuming that when you get here there should be a link or something to print the 1099 but there’s nothing,” she said.

The DEO wouldn’t comment on why it’s not there but said they’d pass her and her husband's info along to a team member that could help.

Ally says it’s another issue added to the list of problems she dealt with last year.

“It’s one thing you have to wait so long to get paid and then you have to wait for your backpay and now we have to wait for 1099 to file your taxes. What more do we have to do with it?” she asked.

She requested a copy of the 1099-G through an online form the DEO has set up but says it’s been 10 days and still nothing.

“We receive every piece of mail from DEO, our address is correct and I receive email from them as well,” she said.

It’s why she can’t understand why she hasn’t received it yet.

Congress has waived taxes on the first $10,200 of unemployment benefits received in 2020.

“I am happy they extended the tax, like the day for the filing taxes but I’ve been hoping every day that I can get my hands on that 1099, I say OK it’s coming it’s coming,” she said.

For those who have already filed, the IRS says it’s currently making changes to those folks' returns which may result in a refund starting in May and continuing through the summer.