Photo shows bear laying at homeowner's doorstep

Posted at 9:08 AM, Jul 31, 2017

A man in Longwood, Fla. was surprised to find a bear laying at his doorstep.

His wife told him to come over from the garage because there was a bear laying at the door asleep.

"I think the bear had got caught up in it and here's a nice dry place," the man said. "I guess if the door wasn't there he probably would have gone in the house."

A community police officer came first, and the man said she must have made some kind of noise, because at that point the bear jumped up and took off.

Someone yelled to look out and he ran back around and into the garage.

"If I had walked around that corner, and the car was parked here and seen that bear laying there it might have had me at the hospital, it's a scary thought," he said.