People sending hate mail about shark dragging video to the wrong person

People sending hate mail about shark dragging video to the wrong person
Posted at 5:23 PM, Jul 27, 2017

Wildlife investigators with FWC tell ABC Action News that they're still trying to find out where a video of a shark being dragged by a speeding boat was recorded.

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They say that there are a lot of moving parts to the investigation that they are trying to look into.

Meanwhile, those with the same name as the boat captain, Michael Wenzel -- are getting hate mail.

Michael Wenzel of Islamorada tells ABC Action News he's received so many hateful messages from upset people mistaking him for them.

"A lot of the messages came in the form of, 'hey, what's up scumbag.'" he said.

Wenzel even changing his Facebook profile picture with a hand written sign that says I'm not the Shark Guy!

He posted the picture with a headline that said, "some dude with the same name as me went viral and I've been receiving his hate mail."

The 29-year-old shipmate in the Florida Keys said he's a fisherman as well and even works with Boy Scouts of America.

He said he wanted people to clearly know he's not involved.

"Couple of my friends were like hey we have to clear your name, because there's other things down the road that can be associated."

Wenzel, is being mistaken for the boat captain from Palmetto that is now under a wildlife investigation for the shark dragging video.

The worst hate message for the man mistaken was another person telling him "when we find you!".

A Lutz man with the same last name Wenzel, also receiving threatening messages.

Jeff Wenzel, also not involved in the video, changed his Facebook name to Jeff 'notrelatedtothesharkguy' Wenzel.