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Parents shield kids after hearing gunfire at Sulphur Springs park

Posted at 6:36 PM, Nov 06, 2017

A father is still in shock after his brave actions during moments of terror in his son's Sunday afternoon baseball game.

"We heard several gunshots and this is happening in milliseconds as your mind is racing," he said. 
"A lady screamed he's got a gun he's shooting. Your heart and stomach drops and you feel like oh my god is this really happening." 




His eight-year-old had just started the first inning with some 80 other kids at a Sulphur Springs field. 

He said suddenly a man from across the street at Rowlett Park came running through the gates.

"You start thinking is this another Vegas crazy shooter, you just don't know," he said. 

He ran out from behind home plate and joined other parents and coaches. They did what they needed to in order to protect their kids.

"We just started laying on top trying to shield them. The kids were hyperventilating," he said. 

Ben Ravenel, the President of the Seminole Little League, also sprung into action. He has been overseeing the field for years. 

"I holler stop him! Stop him, and we secured him here," said Ravenel.

A parent even took cell phone video of Tampa police arresting a 17 year old. Officers already had extra patrols after learning about a party at Rowlett Park. 

Police aren't releasing the teen's name. Officers said he claimed he fired in self-defense. Officers found no evidence of that but did find his gun in a dumpster.

"We run a very tight ship at this park and the park is very secure,"  said Ravenel.

Action News checked, a police spokesperson said they've had very few calls, all for minor infractions and mostly at night.

One dad agrees, life needs to go on.  

"You just hope your kid does not have nightmares and ties that to a baseball field because it is a beautiful sport," he said.