Forensic exam requested of missing teens' boat

Posted at 4:03 PM, May 16, 2016

The mother of one of two missing teen boaters is requesting a ‘proper forensic examination of the vessel.'

The boat, which Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos were in when they vanished last summer, is now at Port Everglades.

The vessel was found in March about 100 miles off the coast of Bermuda.

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says it will examine the vessel for any new information related to the boys’ disappearance. FWC says it will not elaborate on what its investigation will entail. 

Steve Hathaway, a former Coast Guard search and rescue member, says FWC will mostly likely check the engine, look for life jackets and try to determine whether there was a GPS on board.

"Being under water I don't know if they can extract the information out of that if there was a GPS on the dash that they used for navigation. It would give their last position but being under water just like the cellphone and everything I doubt that they're going to get much out of it but it could give their last position," Hathaway said.

Through her lawyer the mother of Perry Cohen says if the FWC “does not intend to re-open the investigation and conduct a thorough forensic evaluation of the vessel,” she would like the FDLE to take over the investigation.

If FWC wants to keep jurisdiction, her attorney has requested that, “FDLE provide support through its forensic expertise and laboratories."

George Harris, the attorney for Austin’s mother Carly Black, says she will agree to a forensic inspection if FDLE decides to step in. "Carly has agreed with Perry's mother's attorney Guy Rubin that she's willing to consent to a forensic review by FDLE if they are inclined to want to get involved through FWC or otherwise."

Cohen's attorney says FDLE is reviewing the request for involvement.