Fla. man's 'hydro pod' trip to Bermuda cut short

Posted at 6:06 PM, Apr 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-24 18:57:17-04
A South Florida man’s attempt to travel to the Bermuda Triangle from Florida using a “hydro pod” has ended with a U.S. Coast Guard rescue – again.
Runner Reza Baluchi wanted to make the trip in the rotating pod (imagine a floating, human-sized hamster wheel) to spread peace, ABC News reports. He's referred to the pod as his "bubble."
The Coast Guard tweeted Sunday it was towing Baluchi back to shore. Earlier this month, ABC News reported he planned to make the trip from Pompano Beach. It wasn’t immediately clear how far he’d gotten, or whether he contacted the agency for help.
What was clear is the Coast Guard warned him not to make the trip, an apparent redo of a similarly ill-fated 2014 trip.
The Coast Guard tweeted on Sunday a picture of a letter to Baluchi dated April 15  informing him in bold-faced type he was “not authorized to depart.” It ordered him not to leave for Bermuda because it was unsafe and that violating the order could result in seven years behind bars and a $40,000 fine.
“In November 2014, you attempted this voyage unsuccessfully and ultimately placed an enormous financial burden on the taxpayers to conduct a rescue,” the letter, signed by Capt. A.J. Gould, reads. “Additionally, it placed Coast Guard personnel at risk.”
In 2014, Reza made it about 70 miles off St. Augustine, where he said his GPS fell into the ocean.
His bubble popped during the ensuing rescue, according to ABC News.