Florida bill punishing 'sanctuary city' officials moves ahead in Legislature

Posted at 2:13 AM, Apr 25, 2017

Local officials who support so-called sanctuary cities could be ousted from office if a person living in the country illegally injures or kills someone in their jurisdiction.

That penalty is under a bill (HB 697) that passed its last committee stop on Monday. It would require local officials to fully comply with federal immigration laws, including holding detainees past their sentences.

The measure passed over the objections of Democrats and members of the public who deem such legislation unconstitutional because it would violate a person's right to due process.

Under the measure, officials supporting local ordinances protecting undocumented immigrants would be punished, from hefty fines to being removed from office. Local governments would also absorb detention costs when holding detainees for immigration authorities.

The Senate version didn't pass a single committee stop.