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Find cheap car insurance in Florida and lower your premium

Posted at 3:25 PM, May 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-24 15:25:07-04

Ruben Guia works at the Autocare of the Palm Beaches and is around cars and drivers all day long. He said he hears complaint after complaint of high car insurance projects.

"A lot of customers complain about it," said Guia. "Wherever they came from, it was much better there."

"Compared to my family up north, yes," said Cheryl Marcus, a driver.

Guia said he experienced the price difference first hand.

"I moved from here to Alabama, and my insurance went down in Alabama for the same coverage if not better," he said.

In WalletHub's latest rankings, Florida comes in at No. 46 when it comes to auto insurance prices. That means it is anything but cheap in the Sunshine State.

"Florida is significantly higher and you need to shop around on a regular basis. I tell all my clients they should shop at least once every year," said Robert Norbeg, the president of the Independent Insurance Agents of Palm Beach County.

He attributes the high prices in Florida to the high number of uninsured drivers, especially in South Florida.

"We take a lot of claims that significantly increase premiums for everybody," said Norbeg.

The WalletHub study lists some things you can do to lower your rate. That includes getting a car that is cheaper to cover, looking for local options and discounts. There are even pay-per-mile plans that are based on how much you drive.

"First of all, shop around. keep a clean driving record of course, keep your credit score in line," said Norberg. "Don't have any claims."

Thirty-five percent of people said price is the most important factor when picking car insurance, but Norberg warns of making sure you have enough coverage.

"Especially in South Florida price is not always the best option when you are dealing with auto insurance," said Norberg.