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Dog stabbed in Florida on the road to recovery

Posted at 7:09 AM, Jan 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-08 07:10:29-05

Dr. Beth Keser says the first time she met Shiloh the dog, it was soon after emergency surgery.

“That was so heartwarming because even though he was down and out, still had sutures in, still had an apparatus around his neck, he could wag his tail and let us know that he heard us. He had three cuts to this area of the neck. they went so far as to go down to the trachea area, which helps us breathe, but thank God the cuts did not break the final layer," said Keser.

Last month, Kim Armstrong’s dog was stabbed multiple times in her Delray Beach home.

Police said the dog was attacked by 33-year-old Adam Mizrach. Police say he rented a room in her house the day before. Mizrach was arrested. Shiloh was bleeding from his neck.

Keser said, “The surgeons at Palm Beach Veterinary Specialist were able to close it up layer by layer by layer to the outside and that was pretty extensive."

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League paid for Shiloh’s medical costs, which cost $10,000.

Rich Anderson is the CEO and Executive Director at the animal hospital.

"We call it Olivia’s fund. People contribute to this fund and it takes care of animals like Shiloh that need emergency surgery, some specialty medical care," said Anderson.

Keser added, "I can tell you today that Shiloh is healed up and looking wonderful and back to a fairly normal life."