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'Despicable:' Florida woman caught shoving dog into trunk after asking shelter to euthanize it

She's now facing animal abuse charges
Posted at 12:37 PM, Aug 23, 2019

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — A woman in Brevard County is facing charges after she was caught on video shoving a dog into the trunk of a car.

The sheriff's office says the video was recorded after the woman brought the dog to an animal shelter to be euthanized because she didn't want it anymore.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey described the way Perry treated the dog as "despicable," before saying jail is exactly where she belongs.

"The abuse of this innocent pet makes absolutely no sense and can only be attributed to someone who has zero compassion for animals and, quite frankly, shouldn't be allowed to even own a plant," the sheriff said.

Ivey said Perry became extremely angry after staff at the shelter explained to her that they were full and that they don't euthanize unwanted dogs.

Perry returned to her car, where video was recorded of her shoving the dog into the trunk and driving away.

The witness who recorded the video and the shelter photographed the vehicle’s license plate.

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The Brevard County’s Sheriff’s Office was contacted, and they were able to locate Perry and the dog.

Ivey said the animal was visibly emaciated, in poor health and extremely malnourished.

The dog was treated at the Brevard County Sheriff Animal Care Center.

Perry was arrested and faces felony animal abuse charges.