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'Bug Bite Thing:' Florida mom fights back against mosquito bites with suction device

Posted at 7:18 AM, Apr 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-09 09:12:07-04

Brooke Stanton said nothing really worked with her skin irritations after a mosquito bite.

"Living in South Florida there's just mosquitoes every where, especially in the summer. Just walking from my back door to my car, literally I would get a bug bite or one of my girls would get a bug bite," said Stanton.

Then she came across the "Bug Bite Thing" through her friend Kelley Higney, a Loxahatchee mom.

Higney sells the product.

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"It's a suction tool and what it does is remove insect saliva and venom from bug bites, with suction. So when you remove the irritant your body stops producing the reaction that causes the itching and swelling," said Higney.

Higney said her family owns a distribution company. One of their International customers told her about using a suction tool. Kelley teamed up with a manufacturer and founded " Bug Bite Thing."

She says the orders keep coming in through her website, through Amazon and just a few weeks ago CVS Pharmacy started carrying her product.

"You're able to get immediate relief from insects like mosquitoes, bees, wasps, red ants," said Higney.

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Though Higney is busy with people buying the product, she says she can't forget the reason why she started on this journey.

"The feeling of when that testimonial comes through that I've helped one more person and I still get the butterflies every time three years later. I remember how much it was helping me at the beginning,” said Higney.