Big Business Giving Big Money to Florida Politicians during Legislative Session

ABC Action News Anchor Paul LaGrone Following $$$
Posted at 12:48 AM, Apr 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-14 00:48:20-04

 At Miami's famous Fontainebleau Hotel, they're not only dancing the night away, they're also slinging around campaign cash to the Republican Party of Florida: $100 thousand to be exact.

We dug into the finance records and discovered who's showering Florida politicians with money during the legislative session, the 60 days when lawmakers are voting on bills that affect the very companies who are giving them money...which by the way affects you too.

The number one contributor to the Republican Party of Florida since in the first quarter of 2017: Universal Studios at $167 thousand.

That's all money to the Republican Party of Florida and it's all since January. It all adds up to $2.6 million to the republican party of Florida.

The money is pouring in from a variety of companies ranging from Disney, Walmart to US Sugar. The river of dollars is also flowing into the Florida Democrat Party.

The top donor: Stephen Bittel...who's that? He's a hot shot real estate mogul in Miami and the newly elected chairman of the Florida Democratic Party.

And you're local cable company, Spectrum, is number three on the democrat's money list, which totals $843 thousand since January.

So why is Universal throwing all this money at Tallahassee...they're hoping for a law that will cut down their tax bill on all the land they own.

And US Sugar, they don't want to sell their land south of Lake Okeechobee to create a reservoir to protect that area from flooding.