St. Petersburg native, Bernard Reedy, playing with New England Patriots in Super Bowl

Says he will still keep his $11/hr side job
Posted at 5:07 PM, Feb 01, 2018

St. Petersburg native and former Tampa Bay Buccaneer, Bernard Reedy, is going to the Super Bowl.

"It's a blessing,” said Reedy. “Being in the Super Bowl is something you think about all your life. You talk about it with all your friends when you’re a kid playing football in the yard. The celebration dance you would do if you ever got to the Super Bowl.”

Reedy’s childhood dream has come true. He is on the New England Patriots 53-man roster for Sunday’s big game.

ABC Action News profiled Reedy in May of 2017, he was playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. NFL wide receiver wasn’t the only job he had though. He was still working his $11/hour side job with Care Ride. Care Ride is a wheelchair and ambulatory transportation service in Tampa Bay. 

ORIGINAL STORY: Bucs player keeps side job to 'help those who can't help themselves'

Despite being a professional football player, he told us then, it’s about helping people who can’t help themselves.

"I’m going to treat everybody the same way regardless of what position you may be in.  That’s just me and I am going to be like this until I leave this earth," said Reedy.

Reedy was released from the Buccaneers a few games into the season and then was picked up by New England. His story was far from over though. Soon after that, he was released from New England, only to be picked back up just before the AFC Championship game (which of course they won).

It hasn’t been an easy road this season for the 26-year-old, but he says he wouldn’t change a thing. He is now playing for the Lombardi Trophy and says a Higher Power gets the credit.

"Right when you need Him he will be on time. When you need Him, He will be there," said Reedy with a smile.

Reedy said he plans to continue his job at Care Ride when the season is over and hopes to be wearing his Super Bowl 52 ring when he goes back.